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Megmeet successfully developed a continuous aerogel device for the preparation of "aerogel insu

Wavelane successfully developed a continuous aerogel device for the preparation of "aerogel insulation felt". Aerogel felt is a kind of flexible thermal insulation material which is made of silica aerogel as the main material and is compounded in reinforcing fibers, such as glass fiber and pre-oxidized fiber.

Megmeet Obtains the First 30kw DC charging module product certificate CE Certification in the World

TüV issued China's first DC charging module product certificate for Shenzhen Megmeet Electrical Co., Ltd., it is also the first CE certificate of 30kW charging module in the world.

Megmeet presents new products at Essen Welding & Cutting Fair 2018

The 23rd Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair will be held atGuangdong Modern International Exhibition Center during 8-11 May, 2018.Essen Fair is the most influential, large-scale event in the field ofwelding.

This is the first Essen Fair held in Dongguan City, and it has greathistorical significance. As a listed company in Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province, and a leading enterprise in welding industry,Megmeet will exhibit a number of new products in Dongguan City. Today,let's have a preview!

Exhibits Preview

1. DEX CM/PM 3000 (R)

◆As a full digital multi-functional welding machine, it is suitable for welding vehicle seats, motorcycles, hardware metal plates, and backing welding of medium and thin plates, and other application occasions.

◆It has the functions of CO2, MAG, MIG gas shielded welding and manual arc welding.

◆It offers customized special welding control methods for customers.

◆It adopts three-level technology, with inverter frequency up to 180KHz.

2. Artsen Ⅱ PM/CM

◆It provides a variety of intelligent welding control methods, including DC, pulse and dual-pulse welding control methods that are based on real-time energy control.

◆It can be used to weld various kinds of welding materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.

◆It can be used for the welding of solid core wire and flux cord welding rod.

◆Customized welding control methods are available.

◆It can be used in conjunction with automation equipment (including robots and intelligent tooling).

◆It can be used for wire pushing or pulling, wire feeding and wire welding, including manual wire pushing or pulling, robot wire pushing or pulling and relay wire feeding.

3、Artsen Plus

◆Control frequency is up to 100kHz.

◆120-line encoder can realize speed control accurately.

◆Multi-machine cooperative interface , achieving multi-machine parallel connection.

◆Ethernet port and robot communication are more stable and reliable.

Technical point of view

1、The low-spatter short-circuit transition

The low-spatter short-circuit transition can accurately control arc energy through unique energy release design. During the instant moment of droplet material transition, dimensional arc current can be reduced to the lowest level. Smooth short-circuit transition of droplets can be achieved by the surface tension and weak arc force of droplet liquid. During the whole welding process, most of the energy acts on wire melting, this effectively reduces the heat input to base metal, reduces the oscillation of molten pool, achieves ultra-low spatter welding, and effectively reduces the thermal deformation of base metal.

2、Short arc pulse transition

The short-arc pulse transition distinguishes droplet transition stage, adjusts current-voltage slope and matching relationship, changes arc shape, shortens the height of arc column, enables arc to further submerge into molten pool, and greatly improves welding and walking speed while obtaining excellent molding through welding.

3、Large gap welding

Thanks to low-spatter short-circuit transition technology, when large-gap welding is adopted, arc energy is more concentrated and heat input is lower during welding. When welding the large gap between thin plates, molten pool can be cooled faster, so that the welding arc has stronger bridging ability, large gap welding can be completed by welding swing.

11 sets of intelligent welding will present a live show on the exhibition site. Waiting for your arrival!