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IKAHE Bathroom Show attracts much attention in Shanghai International Kitchen and Sanitary Exhibitio

The nearer we go, the clearer we will be. On May 27, the Shanghai International Kitchen and Sanitary Show was officially launched. As a grand gathering of the domestic kitchen and sanitary industry, IKAHE Sanitary Ware joined hands with a brand-new generation of Aquary products and experiential comfort and wisdom aesthetics to showcase the technological revolution of intelligent sanitary wares in the field experience exchange.

Creative pavilion, displaying the charm of wisdom Aesthetics:
The whole exhibition hall of IKAHE takes minimalist style design as the main tone, adds the main tone of the current industrial style, integrates the essence of traditional Chinese aesthetics, collects the classical architectural elements of China and modern aesthetics, and uses the power of optics to compromise the two, giving people a familiar and novel visual enjoyment.

Make breakthroughs in concept, and increase users'immersion experience in Pavilion layout while walking, watching and appreciating.

In the early planning, considering the influence of details on the whole, IKAHE has increased the project model experience room compared with previous years, simulated the experience environment of the whole bathroom in life, reduced the dominant position of IKAHE intelligent toilet, and let everyone feel the ingenious design of IKAHE and its products in the modern urban residence in the real scene, from the overall sense of detail. After all, for many people, there is life first, and then there is harmony. Whether it is physical or visual harmony, it only adds to life.

Every witness is encouraged by the explosion of the whole scene:
During the Shanghai International Kitchen and Sanitary Exhibition, the scene of IKAHE Pavilion was very popular and crowded. There were many amazing voices in several highlights of science and technology exhibition areas.

In the gesture sensing display area, IKAHE refreshed everyone's recognition of microwave auto-turning and feet touch-sensing turning. Through the innovation of technology, the vision of wisdom life is broadened, the cover ring is closed automatically by swinging the arms above and below the scene, and the human-computer interaction is increased. Many friends who are present at the exhibition compete to experience it, and they are addicted to "black technology".

The functional experience of health testing has also been watched by everyone, and they have come forward to test their own health indicators. According to the guidance of the staff, in a few seconds, you can intuitively see the heart rate, blood oxygen content, blood pressure and other indicators of the experiential staff in the screen. Integrate health into comfortable life, change the original mode of life, and let everyone take photos in front of you.

DA90P is the most lively "voice control" highlight of the day. In the human-computer dialogue, IKAHE abandons fixed entries and commands, realizes AI voice self-learning based on WiFi module, and the concept of the Internet of Things is rudimentary.

We can not only request DA90P to open the basic functions of the intelligent toilet by voice command, but also interact freely, let it sing a song to you, broadcast weather forecast, and even inquire about the stock price. In such a wonderful technology, we can not help but come forward to its "finger-pointing" a new experience under the scientific and technological revolution.

Great change of product tonality and dual consideration of functional performance:
In the new year, Happy Nature has a new growth. With many years of independent research and development strength, the strength of IKAHE Science and Technology is further enhanced, bringing a cleaner and more comfortable experience of intelligent life, this time continue to light up life with science and technology.

During the exhibition, the Jardine Pavilion showcased nearly 30 smart toilet products, including the long-awaited Aquary products. The function definition of the new generation Aquary series products has been developed in the early stage to meet the comfortable experience or deep enjoyment of different groups of people, and to realize the current demand for intelligent technology and quality of life.

When you first show your edge, you shine everywhere:
As a new generation of Intelligent Intelligence Unit, Aquary has a common bright spot of wisdom - independent water pressure innovation technology, in the first day of the exhibition also attracted the attention of the majority of exhibitors.

IKAHE Intelligent Toilet, which is equipped with advanced independent hydraulic technology, is on the market. Its appearance makes up for the helplessness of intelligent toilet when facing water pressure limitation. Many toilets on the market have many functions, which seem to have a full sense of technology, but due to the lack of water pressure in the user's home and "sigh at the bucket", the emergence of Aquary has solved the pain of the consumer market.

This is just one of the highlights of the new style of Jardine and Aquary. Technological changes go beyond that. While focusing on R&D and innovation, Jardine and forgetting the original functions of the products also deepen the thickness of intelligence and revolutionize the performance of the products.

IKAHE improves the induction accuracy of ordinary microwave technology, and makes the induction distance accurate to centimeter level. From then on, the opening and closing of the cover plate will be more suitable for the trend of human motion and reduce the opening operation caused by misjudgement of movement. In terms of details, cleaning spray rod iteration to 3D arc spray rod is more suitable for body physiological structure, and the position of spray rod can be adjusted freely to bring a more comfortable experience.

In addition, in the improvement of drying performance, through the power of science and technology to reduce the time needed for drying, compared with the previous ordinary drying methods to reduce the drying time by 30%.

Considering both functional innovation and performance improvement, it is also one of the reasons that people recognize Aquary. Especially those old friends who are familiar with IKAHE products feel the strength of IKAHE Sanitary Ware once again. After watching and experiencing, they express their great expectation that Aquary series will be able to enter the terminal market as soon as possible.

At the same time as the new products appeared, IKAHE's products have also attracted a lot of attention due to their outstanding quality and forward-looking technology. It is with the foresight of leading edge that IKAHE Science and Technology can extend with the times and never stop in this era of rapid development.

During the four-day Shanghai International Kitchen and Sanitary Exhibition, there are many old friends in IKAHE Sanitary and Bathroom Hall.