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How to properly maintain the smart toilet and the wrong way to wash the worse

  • Author:IKAHE
  • Release on:2019-08-02

At present, the smart toilet is indispensable to the family toilet. In the cold winter, the smart toilet lets you not suffer during the toilet. In order to have a durable smart toilet, besides purchasing quality products, it is also very important to maintain it in daily life.

In the cold northern or central areas, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of the toilet is above five or six degrees, or at least above two degrees. Otherwise, the water inside the intelligent toilet will freeze, which will not only affect the use of such simple, but also cause the intelligent toilet to freeze and crack easily after the water freezes. When pouring water into the toilet, don't use overheated water. When the temperature difference is too large, the toilet will break down quickly when the temperature difference is too large. In serious cases, it will burst, especially affecting the life of the intelligent toilet.

In appearance, because the bathroom is relatively humid, so dust, dust will not be much, relatively easy to clean up, just take a cloth with water to scrub it, if there are some stains more stubborn, you can add some neutral detergent on the cloth. Do not use sharp articles and strong acid and alkali cleaning, easy to cause certain damage to the intelligent toilet.

In the maintenance of intelligent toilet seat ring, cover plate and other components, we can also use some sterilization reagents to clean, because seat ring, cover plate and other components have more bacteria, using some sterilizers can sterilize to a certain extent, but remember not to use 84 disinfectant or Mr. Weimeng with this kind of disinfectant. Corrosive liquids, otherwise there will be some damage to the toilet.

In fact, it does not need too much time and energy to clean the sprinkler, because the material of the sprinkler will generally use anti-bacterial self-cleaning material, or stainless steel, and every time before and after the use of water will be washed, relatively speaking, it is a relatively clean place, so it does not need to spend too much time. If the sprinkler can be disassembled, it can be directly disassembled and rinsed with clean water. If not, it can be cleaned with something like a soft toothbrush.

On the toilet intake valve, the intake valve can be screwed down. There is a filter screen inside. The filter screen can be cleaned and re-installed, so as to avoid long-term non-cleaning and too much dirt in the intake valve causing blockage, affecting the speed and quality of water.

If the cover of the smart toilet can be separated from the body of the bucket, you can remove the cover of the smart toilet and clean the bottom of the seat ring. The bottom of the seat ring is more easily contaminated with bacteria, because water splashes easily. The process of disassembly is also very simple. There is usually a one-click disassembly button, which is very simple. If not, it is not recommended to disassemble, so as not to be disassembled by you.

Before cleaning, we must remember to cut off power first. Smart toilet is an electronic product. In the process of cleaning and maintenance, extra care and attention should be taken to guard against electric shock safety.