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What is the difference between a smart toilet and an ordinary toilet?

  • Author:IKAHE
  • Release on:2019-08-05
In recent years, smart toilets have become hotter, and more and more consumers are beginning to choose smart toilets. So smart toilets are good, what is the difference with ordinary toilets? Let's take a look at it together!

Intelligent toilet basic function tray
On the main operation panel of the smart toilet, there are 7 buttons, which are power supply, stop, buttock washing, female washing, drying, lighting and massage.

In general, smart toilets have the following basic functions:
1, the seat temperature can be adjusted, flushing automatically
It’s cold in the morning and evening. It’s inevitable to sit on the cold toilet. Many people are used to putting a velvet washer on the toilet. However, the seat of the smart toilet can be adjusted in temperature. Gently sit on the toilet and feel free to do whatever you want. Temperature, after each use, the water outlet in the depth of the smart toilet will directly spray the vortex water to quietly rinse the inside of the smart toilet thoroughly. 2, buttocks cleaning, warm air drying

After the toilet, there are nozzles in the toilet to move your small PP back and forth/back and forth. Not only that, but you can also adjust the lid temperature and the warm air drying speed as needed, so that the comfortable buttocks can cool the hips after use. , do not leave half a drop of water!

3, catalyst deodorization, low light energy lighting
The intelligent toilet can basically deodorize the catalyst, eliminate the odor from the source and last longer, and bring the toilet to a relaxed and comfortable environment. At the same time, if you go to the bathroom at night, even if you don't turn on the lights, the soft lighting in the smart toilet can make it easy to use the smart toilet.

Only I can't think of it, I can't do it.
As toilet tools become more intelligent, designs are becoming more and more user-friendly, and smart toilets are beginning to pursue more extreme and intimate experiences:

1, women, children, the elderly have a special flush
Nowadays, many smart toilets are equipped with more humanized flushing functions, such as female cleaning: double nozzle design, functional settings for women, making women's cleaning more hygienic and convenient; children's cleaning: professional children's cleaning function, let parents More peace of mind and so on.

2, smart massage, medical treatment toilet can also cure?
Yes, the designer of the smart toilet is getting smarter and smarter. The double-pulse mode is used for hydrotherapy massage to eliminate the fatigue of the hip muscles of a sedentary day. It can also stimulate the acupuncture points and assist in the treatment of constipation through the adjustment of water pressure.

3, the ordinary toilet can also upgrade the smart file
The realization of smart toilets is still not common in residential buildings. Therefore, smart toilet seats and smart toilet kits have emerged. The smart toilet seat does not need to destroy and replace the existing toilets in the home. It takes only 10 minutes to change the toilet lid. Ordinary toilets can be upgraded to smart toilets.