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China manufacturer Independent water pressure intelligent toilet sanitary ware wholesale price

  • Product name:Independent Water Pressure
  • Model:DV70
  • Color:White
  • Size:L684*W394*H475mm
  • Heating Mode:Instant Heating
  • Toilet’s Rough-in:305/400mm
  • Flushing Flower Rate :
  • Rated Value:AC 220V 50HZ 1330W
  • Water Pressure Rang:0.08MPa - 0.75MPa

Brand New Independent Water Pressure Solution of iKAHEEquipped with the brand new independent water pressure system, the toilet can still ensure the strong impulse of water even when the water pressure.
Safe and comfort:
Medical ultraviolet sterilization
Detachable nozzle
Nano antibacterial
Air isolation
Prevent backflow
Nozzle self-knot
Nozzle cleaning
Living water purification
BOOST ultra clean wash

Intimate feeling:
One-button cleaning
Fingerprint recognition
Damping relief
Soft light at night
Remote flushing
Automatic flushing
Pipe position adjustment
Seat induction
memory function
Remote control
Dry flush
Power saving mode

Sense of trust:
Independent hydraulic operating system
Hydroelectric separation
Eightfold protection
Self-cleaning glaze
commercial model

3D arc spray bar
3D stereo massage
Warm air drying PLUS
Automatic deodorization
Unlimited wash
Seat body temperature adaptation
Bubble spray
Arm spray
Female spray
Mobile spray
Hot and cold regulation
Water temperature regulation
Water pressure regulating
Nozzle position adjustable
Seat heating
Wind temperature regulation

Sense of freedom:
Remote flip
Automatic flip
Knob operation
RF remote control
voice control
Foot flip
Feet flushing

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