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Elevator Integrated Controller Load SystemsElevator Integrated Controller Load Systems

Elevator Integrated Controller Load Systems

  • Model Number: ML800 Elevator Controller
  • Type: Elevator Parts
  • Product name: Step Elevator Control
  • Name: Elevator Inverter
  • Protection degree: IP00
  • Input Voltage: Single Phase 220V/ Three Phase 22V/ Three Phase 380V
  • Applicable: Elevator Control System
  • Item: Elevator Drive Inverter
  • Elevator Parts: Safety Components
  • Original: China Elevator Motor Traction Machine

ML800 series elevator integrated controller is an elevator integrated controller independently developed and produced by Megmeet Co., Ltd. It integrates elevator control and motor drive organically. It takes full consideration of the safety and reliability of elevators On the basis of this, combined with the inherent characteristics of elevator installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, etc., and comprehensive optimization design, it is a new generation of elevator dedicated controller with advanced level.

1.Excellent drive control technology
No need for motor self-learning. After completing all wiring, you can directly carry out well self-learning and use it normally.
Unique no-weighing algorithm, which can easily achieve satisfactory starting and stopping comfort simply by debugging;
Drive all types of traction machines for elevators to achieve a truly integrated drive.

2.Perfect logic control technology

Calculate the running curve in real time according to the distance needed to reach the target layer, and dynamically correct the errors during the running process to achieve direct docking;
The redundant safety design, the control system and the drive system have safety protection functions, which greatly improves the safety factor of the elevator;
2 CAN communication, can independently control the car and the display of the hall and outside, to achieve different characteristics of the display inside and outside;
Independent RS422 communication for simple parallel and group control (up to 8 group control ladders);
Independent RS232 communication, realize the program download and status monitoring of the short-range serial port.

3. Superior customer use characteristics
The maximum ladder speed is 6m / s, and the highest floor is 48 floors, which meets customer choice;
The organic combination of elevator control and motor drive makes the entire system compact, simple wiring, high reliability, and simple operation;
The elevator integrated controller operation panel can be used to debug all elevator parameters in the car, which greatly facilitates customer debugging;
Full range of built-in braking units;
Support multiple encoders (open collector, push-pull, UVW, Sin / Cos);
The optimized structure design is convenient for customers to install, and can be applied to the installation of machine rooms.

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