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MTC multi - channel intelligent temperature controller easy setup/debuggingMTC multi - channel intelligent temperature controller easy setup/debugging

MTC multi - channel intelligent temperature controller easy setup/debugging

  • Provide temperature controller professional software, user setting / debugging is simple.
  • Easily implement data exchange between MTC and PLC, MTC and HMI, MTC.
  • computer through protocols such as MCBUS and MODBUS.
  • Integrated multi-channel temperature control, replace temperature control table.
  • temperature control table, MTC has the advantages of high cost performance

1.MTCW multi-channel intelligent temperature controller is a modular temperature controller. It is small in size and easy to install. It can be operated independently and can be used together with PLC. It is especially suitable for multi-channel temperature control applications. Compared with the temperature control table, it has the characteristics of space saving, easy data exchange, remote monitoring and high cost performance. Widely used in wave soldering, reflow soldering, blow molding machines, plastic machines, extruders, hot melt machines and other plastic machinery industries;

2, high precision, intelligent, heating and cooling dual PID control function, 14 kinds of alarm functions such as upper and lower limits, deviation, advanced artificial intelligence adjustment technology and expert fuzzy algorithm, with self-tuning and multi-stage temperature setting function to achieve high precision temperature control;

3, convenient and easy to use, provide temperature controller dedicated software, user setup / debugging is simple, through MCBUS and MODBUS and other protocols, easy to achieve MTC and PLC, MTC and HMI, MTC and computer data exchange, integrated multi-channel temperature control, Replacing the temperature control table makes it easy to centrally manage data. Compared with the temperature control table, the MTC has the advantages of high cost performance, rich functions, convenient installation, space saving and simple programming.

4. The main body has two 485 communication ports, one Ethernet port, and the single thermostat has 8/12/16 temperature control. The specific model has current detection function and energy balance (that is, multi-channel temperature control, which can be different at different times). Output, reducing the overall power of the system).

Model Number of temperature acquisition channels Temperature control output form Alarm output form Input port
MTC-04-NT 4aisle Transistor (4 way) Flag NO
MTC-08-NT 8 aisle Transistor (8 way) Flag bit, transistor 8 NO
MTC-4-NTT 4 aisle Transistor (4 way) Flag 4-way
MTC-4-NTR 4 aisle Transistor (4), Relay (8) Relay (8 way), flag 4-way
MTC-04-NVT 4 channels Transistor (4 channels), current (4 channels, 0-20mA, 4-20mA optional), voltage (4 channels, 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V) Transistor (4 way) 4-way
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