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Vector control inverter 3 phase frequency driveVector control inverter 3 phase frequency driveVector control inverter 3 phase frequency drive

Vector control inverter 3 phase frequency drive

  • Model Number: MV300G/P series
  • Output Power: 0.75-400KW
  • Output Type: Triple
  • Size: Model
  • Type: AC Drive
  • Protection: IP20
  • Display: LED
  • Color: Grey
  • Output Frequency: 0-3000HZ, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Certificate: ISO 9001/CE/IEC/TUV
  • Control mode: Sensorless Vector Control,V/F control
  • Warranty: 18Months

MV300G/P general vector control drive,using industry-leading V / F control and open-loop vector control methods to achieve induction motor torque control, speed control, meet complex customer application requirements.

1. Leading current vector control algorithm, Open-loop vector torque control.
2. Multi-motor parallel open-loop vector control, Modular system design, support a variety of options expansion.
3 .Rich features, meet the demand of a variety of industries.
4. Advanced V/F control and open loop vector control.
5. Various V/F curves options.
6. Industry-leading vector control algorithm.
7. Realize the integration of torque control, speed control.
8. Realize the process closed loop control, multi function input and output terminals, the given pulse frequency, simple PLC, main and auxiliary given control, Profibus control, and other functions, meet a variety of complex transmission application requirements.
9. Provide modular expansion solution,meet customer demand for industry-oriented and personalized
10. 18.5kW ~ 90kW models with optional built-in brake unit, save installation space and cost for customers.
11. Anti tripping control, adapt to the bad power grid, temperature, humidity and dust environment,etc.
12. Electromagnetic compatibility overall design, optimize PWM control technology, meet user's environmental requirements for application site of low noise, low electromagnetic interference
13.  Applicable to a variety of occasions:metallurgy, printing and packaging, wire and cable, wood, etc.

Focus on the application of open loop vector, Avariety of machine tools, printing and packaging, driving mechanism, metal products, plastic machinery, metal products, plastic machinery, air compressors, printing and dyeing, engineering machinery, etc.

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