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Megmeet successfully developed a continuous aerogel device for the preparation of "aerogel insu

Wavelane successfully developed a continuous aerogel device for the preparation of "aerogel insulation felt". Aerogel felt is a kind of flexible thermal insulation material which is made of silica aerogel as the main material and is compounded in reinforcing fibers, such as glass fiber and pre-oxidized fiber.

Zhang Xiaoqiang and Other Leaders of Taizhou City Zhejiang Province Visit Megmeet

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Megmeet Obtains the First 30kw DC charging module product certificate CE Certification in the World

TüV issued China's first DC charging module product certificate for Shenzhen Megmeet Electrical Co., Ltd., it is also the first CE certificate of 30kW charging module in the world.

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IKAHE Sanitary Ware won the title of the 15th Taizhou Excellent Enterprise

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Health products - medical grade UV sterilization

Health products - medical grade UV sterilization

It is the first to introduce medical-grade UV nozzle sterilization technology, which can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria, give the family a meticulous care, and enjoy the pleasure of healthy washing.

Super comfortable experience - SPA 3D massage cleaning

The unique cold and hot water alternately during cleaning, the water pressure changes automatically, and the reciprocating motion of the flushing position is truly 3D stereo massage washing, which is more comfortable to clean.

Large flow frequency conversion heating - heater

With 900CC large flow and instant heat technology, it adopts high-grade rare earth top-grade special ceramic tube, integrated with flow meter, butterfly temperature control switch and other protection devices to ensure higher service life and heating efficiency.

Air isolation technology - pulse valve

The only brand in the world with this patented technology is safe and secure! When a negative pressure isformed in the public pipe, the water in the toilet will form a countercurrent flow of the sewage. The pulse valve keeps the waterway and the valve body always separated by a section of air, and the sewage cannot flow back to the pipeline, which pollutes the domestic water, and absolutely guarantees the safety of the user's domestic water.

Unique foot touch flush - kick switch

The unique touch control technology in the world can control the flushing and flipping of the product through the touch keys. It is not necessary to bend over and free the hands to be more humanized.

Ergonomics - light touch button

According to the ergonomic design, it has humanized side buttons, precise touch, and feels intimate, easy to identify different functions.

2.4G RF connection - remote control

The remote control can only remotely control one product at a time, and the remote control is not affected by space and obstacles, and truly realizes all-round precise remote control of the product. The usage rate reaches 100%.

Original business model - safe power off

When the product is powered on and the standby is not used within 24 hours, it will be automatically powered off, which can save power and avoid the lightning hazard caused by lightning. Especially suitable for business travellers.

Safe and worry-free settings - eight protection

Leakage protection: leakage current to 0.01 amp, the system automatically cuts off within 0.1s to prevent human body electric shock.
Pressure relief protection: When the internal water pressure of the product exceeds 0.2MPa, the product will automatically release pressure to ensure the safety of the waterway.
Bubble protection: When the flow rate is detected to exceed 1200ml/min, the water heating is stopped to prevent the product from being damaged due to excessive bubbles in the water.
Low pressure protection: When the flow rate is detected to be less than 350ml/min, stop heating to prevent dry burning.
Water temperature protection: When the water temperature rises above 43 °C, the heating is stopped immediately. When the temperature exceeds 45 °C, the water source is cut off to prevent burns.
Fire protection: When the thermal fuse breaks above 108 °C, it will automatically fuse to prevent fire.
Wind temperature protection: When the room temperature exceeds 45 °C, the drying stops heating to prevent burns.
Seat temperature protection: When the temperature of the seat exceeds 45 °C, the heating will stop automatically. When the temperature exceeds 73 °C, the thermal fuse will be protected.