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Megmeet successfully developed a continuous aerogel device for the preparation of "aerogel insu

Wavelane successfully developed a continuous aerogel device for the preparation of "aerogel insulation felt". Aerogel felt is a kind of flexible thermal insulation material which is made of silica aerogel as the main material and is compounded in reinforcing fibers, such as glass fiber and pre-oxidized fiber.

Megmeet Obtains the First 30kw DC charging module product certificate CE Certification in the World

TüV issued China's first DC charging module product certificate for Shenzhen Megmeet Electrical Co., Ltd., it is also the first CE certificate of 30kW charging module in the world.

MV600 Engineering Vector Control Drive In Hoisting Control Solutions

Hoisting Control Solutions

Craning and hoisting equipment is intermittent, repetitive work, through hoisting,horizontal translation the feeding device or lifting and transport the material equipment, mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises, stations and docks,all enterprises, realize the transportation mechanization, automation and improve the work efficiency.


MV600L series is hoisting special drive which is Megmeet Drive Technology Co., Ltd.  independent research and development ,production, It is sufficient to consider safety and reliability as the first principle, combined installation, commissioning, operation, repair and maintenance and other aspects inherent characteristics of the craning and hoisting equipment, the overall optimization of the design, is a new generation dedicated drive with advanced level. MV600L series hoisting solutions in the following figure.


Diagram of control system of craning and hoisting  equipment as below, some devices do not use the PLC as the control system, the wiring is slightly different, our products fully meet the control program without PLC, and our products is the special drive for hoisting, luffing, slewing and traveling.


    1. Slip hook detection and automatic control functions; drive will continuously detect if mechanical brake is abnormal when stop, mechanical abnormal of brake leading to slip hook will automatically start drive which will boost the weights and report faults, after a period of time if no human intervention, it will automatically be on the low-speed downlink and ensure automatic shutdown after a smooth hook weights to the ground. 

    2. Along with the load with the speed function, according to the hanging weight of the object automatically calculate maximum allowable operating speed of uplink and downlink. 

    3. The brake automatically detected, this function is divided into two, the first one is detected that if mechanical brake is normal before each run, the second is carried out in accordance with customer demand mechanical abnormal of brake self-learning, learning that if brake force of the brake mechanical is normal. 

    4. Motor failure self-protection .

    5. The dynamic password protection, Whether open a dynamic password protection according to the customer demand, protect the drive parameters. 

    6. Perfect brake detection logic to ensure proper detection of electrical and mechanical brake failure 

    7. Complete fault classification, output brake in time when drive occurred hardware failure, in the normal operation fault of the drive,it can slow down,shutdown and then brake to avoid mechanical impingement. 

    8. Off-load protection function, the heavy weights which are lifted out of the wire or squat down because the wire has broken off, the crane shutdown and reported failure timely. 

    9. Key switch function of open or close loop operation, when the encoder normal, drive operate closed loop vector, when encoder damage is found in the client, customer can use a function code automatically switch the hoisting logic to the open loop environment, to ensure that the hoisting structure can used in short-term without the encoder. Run time can be locked (develop according to customer demand). 

    10. Rapid response to customer demand and customized special function according to the requirements of customers.